3 Students Battling Cancer in Farmington HS band

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Trevor Gilbert, Ryan Seger, and Deavynn Wood are all battling cancer.

Trevor has a pretty low appetite and is having stomach cramping from the chemo. He has started losing some of his ability in his legs due to the chemo- side effect. He will be doing physical therapy and occupational therapy. His spirits are high in spite of all he is going through.

An update on Daevynn she is going for her last chemo treatment this week. She will still have to continue radiation. She gets to ring the bell. She came to our last competition at Ste. Genevieve. She was tired but she just could not miss it. She is a sweetheart with the heart of a fighter. We were all so happy to see her

Ryan has been struggling with keeping his energy up. His levels are being monitored closely by doctors. They are trying to keep his bleeds under control and trying to keep weight on him. Ryan has the strong spirit of an Eagle. Band is everything to him and is his inspiration to keep fighting. He is in need of tutoring. We are trying to get that set up. He has to keep his grades up to stay in band. Had a blast with him during the last competition Saturday. He helped me take pictures and became a pro photobomber.

Read more about their story and please consider donating to their GoFundMe.

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