5 Reasons Playing A Brass Instrument Is Good For Your Health

Over on HealthFitnessRevolution.com is a list of 10 Health Benefits from playing a brass instrument. We agree! This article is inspired by their list. In fact, we agree that playing ANY kind of instrument is a serious health boost! Do it!

Not only does playing a brass instrument well create all kinds of wonderful sounds from the musical aspect, it’s also good for your body AND your brain!

Here are some of the benefits that Health Fitness Revolution lists (in no particular order):

1) Playing a brass instrument develops confidence:

Confidence is good for your health! Of course, it may seem like this is more a mental thing, and it may be, but we know and understand that when your MIND is strong, your body often follows suit!

Go out there and grab a trombone or trumpet and start building that confidence!

2) Playing a brass instrument develops breath control:

An integral part of playing euphonium, tuba, french horn, or trumpet is air. To control this well, you have to learn to control your breathing. Controlling your breathing is a vital part of being fit. Now, you won’t be able to go out and win marathons, but developing your lung control is definitely a benefit of playing those brass instruments!

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3) Playing a brass instrument strengthens your core muscles:

When you play any wind instrument, using your core is a huge part of the process. Want a six pack? Well, we all do, and that might not happen from tooting on a trumpet, BUT you will be engaging your core while playing!

4) Playing a brass instrument is good for your hand-eye coordination:

One thing playing a trombone or baritone will do for you is increase your hand eye coordination. As kids grow from babies to young adults, one thing they have to learn is basic motor skills: how to walk and run, how to hold on to things, how to write, etc.

Adding playing a brass instrument into the mix will allow that young person to accelerate their hand-eye coordination! It’s a great way to get better at that sort of thing. The instrumentalist will have to use what they see on the music and translate that to their hands to finger the correct notes. Playing a brass instrument will definitely help you with that dexterity, especially if you start early!

5) Playing a brass instrument IN MARCHING BAND gets you moving!

Add all those things above into a marching band setting and you’ll be moving for several months out of the year! It’s a great way to get exercise from mid to late summer all the way through December!

Football game halftime shows and parades provide great opportunity and goals to work toward. Most marching bands have daily rehearsals for at least an hour, and sometimes even longer, to get ready for these programs and parades.

Then, Drum Corps starts in the summer! Some of the fittest musicians in the world are members of DCI!

If nothing else, playing an instrument is good for your soul! But there can be some benefits to your health and fitness as well!

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