6 Signs You’re A Band Kid

Whether you’re currently marching up a storm in band camp, halftime shows, or band competitions right now, or whether you’re an aged out young at heart band nerd, there are some sure-fire ways to tell if you’re a band kid.

Once a band kid, always a band kid.

1. You know that there is no heat like band camp heat. It doesn’t matter the temperature or location, band camp is hot, and you’re loving every minute of it.


2. But when it’s not a burning inferno of fiery sunshine, band practice can also happen during bad weather. Rain, snow, or shine, we’re still practicing and you know that every second is worth it in the end!


3. Even when the weather’s nice, one of the most challenging parts of rehearsal, is thinking you’re finished and hearing your band director call out the three most dreaded words to band kids…ONE MORE TIME. But you grit your teeth and buckle down, because in the end you know all that hard work pays off.


4. When all the rehearsing is done, and the halftime show comes together, you know you’re a band kid if all your hopes and dreams rest on the shoulders of the chosen one…the soloist. Will they nail it? Will they stumble and flub a few notes. When one of us falls we all fall.


5. And then after the show, when you’re talking to your non-band friends about how amazing the show was, and they look at you like you’re crazy, you know your a band kid if you just don’t understand how they just don’t get it.


6. But, hey, not everyone understands. That’s ok. There are more important things to concern ourselves over…like FREE FOOD!


Bonus: You know that your band kid friends are friends for life. Family.

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The great thing about being in band is that you are impacted for life.

Friends. Memories. Experience.

All of these things go into shaping you into the person you’ll be for the rest of your life.

It’s good to be a band kid!

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