65% of this High School is in the Band!!

From YouTube: If you’re looking for greatness, look no further than the Rotan Yellowhammers. This isn’t your average-sounding high school band…or average-looking high school band. Because they’ve got sweaty football players in the band. And cheerleaders. And even the mascot. Yes, the Yellowhammers have a thirst for coming together and putting on a show.

When band director of Rotan High School (texas), Josh Bailey, took the job in the fall of 2015, he only had 14 band members. Now they have over 40 members!

“Everyone does everything,” he said. “Our students have to be involved in sports, band, theater, [and] one-act play.”

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Rotan is a small town in Texas northwest of Abilene. The population is barely over 1,500. The school is small, but the students are proud to be a part of just about every kind of activity, ranging from sports to the arts.

The Yellowhammers represent their school and community well in this Ozarka commercial.

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