A Passion For Marching Band: An Insider’s Perspective

Kathleen Sturgeon is a former bandie who marched during high school. She participated in band camps and football season in Georgia and recalls that her experience was just like any other school sport complete with hours of after school practice and a four-year letter.

In high school, I attended every single football game. No, not because Iā€™m a huge football fan. In fact, I know just enough to cheer when everyone else does.

A different sort of passion found me on the sidelines most Friday nights, through rain and temperatures that ranged from 100 degrees to 30.

A passion for marching band.

She was a member of the color guard and takes exception when anybody equates it to “twirling” a baton. She says it’s “spinning” not twirling.

Kathleen also experienced what we all know to be true about marching band. She felt like she was part of a family.

“I lived and loved marching band. Granted, I can read music about as well as I can understand a football game, so I was in the color guard with my flag and rifle, spinning. (Never call it twirling. You twirl a baton.) Marching band was more than an after-school activity at Alpharetta High School. It gave me a place to belong. Walking into high school the first day and automatically having over a hundred kids recognize you and wave made first-day jitters that much easier. I had people to eat lunch with and friends in a lot of my classes. It was like a family.”

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