Best Marching Band Fiction Novels

Since I’ve written my own marching band young adult and teen music fiction novel, I’ve been aware of others out there. According to, these are the top marching band music novels available. The search criteria I used was that the book has to be set in high school marching band or the main character has to be a true band kid (or put into that setting).


Marching Band & The Expanding Universe by Markus Almond

A story about just starting high school. The main character, Joey Kimbel, is a shy, red-headed musician who joins the marching band as the new snare drum player. Battling bullies and jocks, he falls for the one girl he’s not supposed to love – color guard girl, Alhena Almasi.

It’s a great story about love and pain an learning to love who you are.


Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek by Courtney Brandt

Drummer Julia McCoy has to start over as a senior when her parents move the family from SoCal to Atlanta. She tries out for the marching band and makes the drumline as a tenor. Follow Julia as she navigates her way through playing in marching band, playing in a rock band, and getting ready for band camp and competition season.


Notes from an Accidental Band Geek by Erin Dionne

In order to make it into am exclusive summer music camp, Elsie Wyatt must expand her musical horizons by joining the marching band. It’s so different than her orchestral background, and matters get complicated when she meets Jake, the cute trumpet player, on the first day. Surviving marching band is going to be much more of a challenge than she thinks!


Because by R.K. Slade (From Marching Band Is Awesome Publishing)

Can music save you when your world comes crashing down around you?

Talented teen musician Rigby Raines is an extremely shy introvert who loves the Beatles and Beethoven. She wants only one thing in life: to follow in her mother’s footsteps as drum major of her high school marching band.

Still reeling from the unexpected loss of her mom to cancer last year, she is torn between her anxiety and stage fright and the desire to honor her mom.

Bullied for years by Taura Jacobs, self-proclaimed band queen and trumpet section leader, an unexpected discovery allows Rigby to face the past and experience a musical adventure of a lifetime.

Does Rigby have what it takes to conquer her fears, stand up for herself, and win the drum major tryouts?

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