Check Out This DIGITAL Flip Folder Called eFlip


Tonal Innovation, an LSU Innovation Park business, creates a larger trend in band technology and performance with eFlip.

Smart devices have revolutionized the way people read books, newspapers, and magazines, but the band industry has not kept pace with this technology. Tonal Innovation provides band directors and musicians with a way to utilize the devices during rehearsals and performances.


“We are incredibly excited about the upcoming launch of our website on February 1st and eFlip’s Kickstarter campaign on February 15th. eFlip will give musicians on the marching field, in the classroom, and on stage the option to interact with music in a modern, hassle-free way, in addition to reducing the waste caused by printing mountains of music. Tonal Innovation is committed to bridging the gap between music and technology and eFlip is just the start,” said founder and CEO Garrett Kessling.

eFlip Info:

eFlip is Tonal Innovation’s first product since inception in 2014. It is a device that allows marching bands to use their smart devices – cell phones and tablets – on and off the field. eFlip is a mount that holds your iPhone, iPad or other smart device and allows you to attach it to your instrument. By using eFlip, not only can the musician use their smart device to read digital sheet music or marching drill, but it enables musicians to use their device as a tuner or metronome, which enhances the performance of the individual while also reducing waste.

Kickstarter Information:

  • Tonal Innovation seeks to raise the necessary capital to finalize the product design with the manufacturers, place their initial order of 3,000 units of eFlip, and work toward further development of products that will make Tonal Innovation a premier competitor in the industry
  • We believe that by utilizing the Kickstarter platform to launch eFlip, we have an avenue that connects us with potential customers around the country while also giving us the flexibility needed as a start-up
  • Our campaign will have several tiers for individuals and for groups, including an early bird special and a bulk order of 200 units, all at attractive price points
  • Kickstarter link

Founder and CEO Garrett Kessling was born and raised in St. Rose, La. He started playing saxophone in 4th grade and continued throughout his college career. He tried out for the Golden Band from Tigerland his first year at LSU and was selected as one of the 325 members of the band. He is currently a senior at LSU and graduates in May with a Business Management degree.

CFO and Director of Marketing Daniel Wendt grew up just outside of Baton Rouge, La. and spent much of his youth watching performances by the Golden Band from Tigerland. He started playing saxophone in 6th grade and was selected to be a member of the Tiger Marching Band his freshman year at LSU. He is currently a senior at LSU in the Certified Financial Planner program and graduates in May with a Finance degree.

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