How To Clean A Trumpet (With Videos)

Why clean regularly?

A healthy instrument is a clean instrument! Believe it or not, allowing your instrument to go months and years without cleaning can actually be very bad for your health. Certain mold and fungi can form in the nooks and crannies of your instrument. They like to hide out in dark, damp places and if you let it go long enough it could cause lung problems.

From an article by the BBC:

“The lung damage the doctors describe happens when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive. The inhaled pathogens trigger inflammation and left unchecked, this causes progressive and irreversible scarring.”

Dr. Jenny King says, “These organisms are around in the air, but they’re not usually at a high enough level to cause problems. You do sometimes see this type of lung problem in people who work on farms and are exposed to lots of mouldy hay.”

Bottom line: you don’t want to be inhaling these pathogens. Clean your instrument regularly! watch this video for tips on how to wash your horn.

You can get the top Yamaha trumpet cleaning kit here.

And if you need a little help on disassembling your trumpet, you can watch this video for some helpful tips:

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