Little Kid Sees & Becomes Obsessed With Marching Band from 2 Hours Away – Years Later He Becomes A Member

Have you ever been so blown away by a marching band you’ve seen at a competition that you would do anything to become a member? Most of us can’t say that’s ever happened to us.


When Charles Borsom was four years old, he was so impressed by a visiting marching band he became one of their biggest fans. He lived almost two hours away in a different city. At one point he asked his mom to make him a replica plume so that he could have one just like theirs. She did. He made flags and his own homemade uniform with the band’s colors. He got to know more and more about the band. He would see them at competitions and eventually had his mom make him a t-shirt for the band so he could support them from the stands. That is, unless his older sister, who was in marching band, was performing at the time. Way to go, Band Mom!

By the time he was in high school, his family actually moved two hours just so he could try out for this particular marching band.

According to this story in the Tulsa World, Charles was just a little boy when he first saw the Pride of Broken Arrow Marching Band. This year he graduates as a member of the Pride. He even won the Tom Stout Legacy Award, which honors the dedication of a Pride band member.


From the story:

Stories of athletes moving to different districts for certain sports teams are common. It’s more unusual to find a student moving from out of state to be in a certain band.

“There are people who would say, ‘Are you nuts? You moved here for marching band?’ But this is the Pride of Broken Arrow,” Borsom said. “It’s worth that.”

We think it’s amazing that Charles saw something that he wanted and his parents made it happen for him!


Oh, one thing we didn’t mention yet: Charles dad was close to retirement at his job near Chicago, so he stayed where he was, calling every day and visiting Oklahoma on the weekends. It was tough, but he did what he could to provide for the family AND to allow Charles to be a member of his dream marching band. What an amazing Band Dad!

And way to go, Charles!

Read the full story here.

Photos: Charles Borsom on Facebook

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