Marching Band Is Awesome Supports Atlanta Quest!

We’re proud to announce our support of Atlanta Quest Independent Indoor Drumline with the 1st Annual Marching Band Is Awesome Scholarship. We created a scholarship fund to partner with and support young musicians participating in AQ.

This year we were able to give a significant amount to the organization. Why Atlanta Quest?

  1. It’s in my home region. I’m from the state of Georgia and I believe in supporting the local/regional art/music scene when I can.
  2. I have personal connections in the organization’s leadership. I know them and trust that they will use MBIA Scholarship funds to support the organization and the participants who need it most!
  3. I want to put my money where my mouth is. I cannot donate to each and every fundraiser request that comes in our messages. We get hundreds! But I can take a significant amount of money and donate it to one organization that will help at least 2 participants with their fees.

Marching Band Is Awesome exists to celebrate and showcase the marching arts. We do that through posting great band-related content. We also post videos. We share other band accounts. We feature band kids from all over! We write band-kid fiction novels! We design and sell great band/music-related tees and hoodies.

And NOW we have a yearly scholarship fund in place to actually financially partner with and support the marching arts in our own special way! A portion of our proceeds from product sales goes into this fund!

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