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Can music save you when your world comes crashing down around you?

Talented teen musician Rigby Raines is an extremely shy introvert who loves the Beatles and Beethoven. She wants only one thing in life: to follow in her mother’s footsteps as drum major of her high school marching band.

Still reeling from the unexpected loss of her mom to cancer last year, she is torn between her anxiety and stage fright and the desire to honor her mom.

Bullied for years by Taura Jacobs, self-proclaimed band queen and trumpet section leader, an unexpected discovery allows Rigby to face the past and experience a musical adventure of a lifetime.

Does Rigby have what it takes to conquer her fears, stand up for herself, and win the drum major tryouts?


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Early reader reviews:

“Very addictive! Amazing story line! As a music lover, I loved the constant intertwining story with music!”

“It kept me reading constantly. I didn’t really put it down unless I really had to.”

“I enjoy how well you meld history with fiction. It seems very well blended in a way that is very believable.”

“Absolutely loved the intertwining of music, action, and emotion. Amazingly well written…This is legitimately my new favorite book, I absolutely loved it! Can’t wait to read the next two!”

“It was amazing, truly breathtaking! As a marching band nerd myself, I feel that this book really speaks for all of us band geeks and it really draws you in on a musical journey. The book is captivating and it leaves you feeling hungry for more just wanting to know what happened. This book is truly a work of art and I truly enjoyed it.”

“This book was a very good read, and I couldn’t put it down. It is good for a young adult audience, and I know my friends would also love it. Definitely a book I would read more than once.”

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