Plainfield HS Marching Band Drum Major Mariah Faison

Junior Mariah Faison will lead the Panthers' in performing their 2015 show, "Panic!" Photo by D. Coffey.

Junior Mariah Faison will lead the Panthers’ in performing their 2015 show, “Panic!” Photo by D. Coffey.

After seven hours of practice for their upcoming season, the Plainfield High School Marching Band took to the field one more time on Aug. 13. Band Director Kasey Howard called out some last-minute directives from on top of the field house, high over the football field.

Drum Major Mariah Faison took to the podium in front of her pit crew. The band members and color guard took up their positions. The metronome set a steady beat echoing across the field. Faison held her arms out, palms down, and then started to match the metronome’s tempo with her arm movements.

Band and color guard members moved in motion to the sound. Then the tempo abruptly slowed. Faison kept her eyes on the drum line, on the sections of her band, trying to keep them all in synchronization.

Faison was named the drum major in May after a strenuous audition, according to Howard. Recommendations from teachers and peers were considered, as was musicianship, leadership capabilities, and comfort with conducting.

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