R.K. Slade’s ‘Because’ brings new light to the marching band lifestyle – Review by The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Very appreciative of the kind review from The Rocky Mountain Collegian.

Here are some snippets from the review:

“Author R.K. Slade proves he knows the logistics and lifestyle of marching band with eight years of experience marching in high school and college.”

“Especially in the beginning and ending, the book is littered with marching band inside jokes and themes. The running joke of “one more time!” holds true with any marching ensemble at any level or geographical location, including such universal themes makes the book relatable to any and all “band geeks” who read it. It connects the national band community with the entertaining story while educating them about aspects of music history.”

“Marching bands get very little representation in mainstream media, and in whatever appearances it does make, it is often portrayed in some kind of false light. Films and TV shows often use high school marching bands as the butt of jokes, perpetuating the stereotype of “nerdy” members. In media that focuses on marching bands as the premise, such as the movie “Drumline,” the activity is portrayed as hyper-competitive and bitterly elitist. “Because” transcends these predetermined boxes by depicting marching band in an accurate light, written by someone who has experienced the activity firsthand.”

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Read the whole review here.

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