Spotlight: Rensselaer Central Bomber Brigade – Rensselaer, IN

The Bomber Brigade of Rensselaer Central High School hails from Rensselaer, Indiana.

At about 40 members, it’s a small marching band, but as we all know whether it’s 10 or 300, marching band is like a family.

Rensselaer Central Bomber Brigade

Rensselaer Central Bomber Brigade Finals 2014

Band member and Marching Band Is Awesome fan Mathew Reed is in the drumline of the Bomber Brigade and marches snare. He’s a sophomore this year.

He says his favorite part about band is playing music and creating a family bond with his awesome band members. After high school, Mathew has his eyes set on playing in a college marching band. He loves band because it has helped him develop his percussion skill level over the years.

Rensselaer Bomber Brigade Trailer

Rensselaer Bomber Brigade Trailer

This year the Bomber Brigade will be marching a show titled:


“The 2015 show is the story of the myth of Pandora’s Box.  The box is given as a gift and all is well until curiosity leads Pandora to open the box.  Upon opening it, all the evils of the world are released upon the land.  Our show depicts the evils as the seven deadly sins.”

Music by Randall Standridge
Grand Mesa Music
Drill by Kelso Daning
Routine by Donny Mori and Mary Molenaar
Visuals by Mackenzie Tobar and Shanna Tobar

Visit the Bomber Brigade online

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