The Academy Drum & Bugle Corps Faces Travel Obstacles Before First Tour Stop

But they made it!

The marching drum and bugle corps was scheduled to make its first rehearsal stop in Bullhead City, Arizona on its way to California. While the majority of the corps arrived, the equipment trailer started the journey on the wrong foot. Or tire, we should say.


The Academy Drum Corps 2015 | Photo: Michael Gilbert

In Page, Arizona, the massive trailer responsible for towing the corps’ instruments broke down.

“There was a tire issue leaving Page,” said Todd Livingston, one of the tour directors. “(The trailer and all the band’s equipment) is on the way. Hopefully.”

Although the issue ended up just being an easily fixed tire pressure problem, for the mean time the corps had to trek on without the trailer – and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of instruments and equipment.

To make matters worse, while leaving Williams, Arizona, one of the four tour buses broke down. This meant that four buses worth of tour members had to cram into three of the buses. But they made it work by sacrificing personal luggage and riding shoulder to shoulder the rest of the way to Bullhead City.

“We were all crammed in there,” said corps member Caleb West while fellow percussionist Travis Rowland contorted his body to demonstrate how he spent the two-hour trip from Williams to Bullhead City.

Since they arrived well before the instrument trailer, the corps didn’t get much rehearsing done. The equipment truck arrived late Thursday afternoon, just in time for on run-through of the corps’ scheduled California shows in Fresno on Friday, Sacramento on Saturday, and Stanford Stadium on Sunday.

“That’s the life of drum corps, actually,” said sound engineer Beno Morris on Thursday when the group was supposed to be rehearsing.


The Academy Drum Corps 2014 | Photo: Piotr Korolj

Without missing a beat, the group is on to Oceanside, then on to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, and Riverside on July 3 before heading back to Arizona for a show in Tempe on July 5.

The corps will get into the bulk of its travel then, hitting spots in Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota for a midwest stint. Afterward, they take a Southern route through Texas, Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia before heading north to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Source: Mohave Daily News

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