Toho High School to Represent Nagoya, Japan at The 2016 Rose Bowl Parade

Pasadena Now reports that the Green Band Association will be bringing the marching band from Toho High School in Nagoya, Japan to Pasadena to perform during the 2016 Rose Bowl Parade. The GBA brings a Japanese marching band each year and helps them perform a charity concert that raises funds for victims of natural disasters. This year, however, they are using funds from the benefit concert to raise funds for the victims and families of the San Bernardino shooting.


Established in 1923, Toho High School in Nagoya has a long history of renowned marching bands, performing numerous times at the All-Japan Marching Contest. The group is made up mostly of female students, and practices every day of the week, with day-long rehearsals on weekends.

The group will also spend a day at Disneyland, performing on December 26 and recording in the park’s studios. They will also visit California Adventure and hold open rehearsals at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

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