Top 3 Things to Take to Band Camp

What would you say are the no-doubt-about-it essentials for summer time band camp. When you’re heading out to the practice field or parking lot where your marching band rehearses, these are the most valuable items in your possession! The necessities you just can’t live without!

These are the absolute top three essentials for band camp according to our band kid community!


You know you’re thirsty…even just thinking about band practice.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but water is definitely an essential. You need to stay hydrated out there when the temperature gets hot. Band kiddos are out in the sun for hours at a time working on learning show drill and putting show music to marching. Water is like the holy grail of band camp!

Under Armour has a 64 ounce (1/2 gallon) insulated water jug (thermos) that is perfect for the sidelines during band practice. It comes with fence hooks built into the handle and is double-walled BPA-free to keep your water cold all day! Comes in several colors.


Got to stay safe out in that hot sun!

We’ll put all these in one category: sun protection. You’re probably getting the point. Band Camp is full days of lots of outside time in the hot sun! And everywhere in the country it’s pretty hot! Whether you find yourself in the baking, dry heat of the Southwest with temperatures reaching 115 degrees Fahrenheit or in the muggy, sticky heat of the Southeast with temperatures near 100 degrees and more humidity than you can shake a stick at it is HOT! The Northwest, Midwest, and Northeast experience summer time heat more intensely this time of year as we move through July and August. Be wise! Cover up and protect yourself!

This Bora Bora from Columbia is the best selling sun hat on amazon. It is a one size fits all that comes in several colors and is perfect for band camp!


You gotta have these!

We’ll also lump all these things together in one category: stuff you need for memorizing the show. You’re going to need the correct information to know where you’re supposed to be on the field during the music of your halftime show. Bands do this process differently, but all-in-all, the ultimate goal is to get anywhere from a small handful to hundreds of students at one time to move in perfect synchronization as a whole and to make patterns and formations in time to the music.

This flip-folio by Selmer is sturdy and dependable and has lots of great feedback on amazon.

There ya have it. The top 3 items that you can’t leave home without when you’re heading to band camp! What items would you add to this list?

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