Top 5 Things I Learned At Band Camp

Our freshman friend Mara over on Marching Band Is Awesome’s Facebook page shared with us the top 5 things she learned during band camp.

1. “There is a reason upperclassmen call it hell week.”

We feel ya! Band camp is hot! Lots of marching and rehearsing ourside in the heat of summer!

2. “Never trust someone who says ‘One more time.'”

This is true! One more time really just means…again from the top…and we might call it after this…but probably not….who are we kidding? We’ll do it multiple times again and again.

3. “Bring extra sunscreen and bug spray.”

Yep! Protect your skin and keep those bugs away during band camp!

4. “Listen when they tell you to stay hydrated.”

Drink lots of water during band camp! You want to stay hydrated!

5. “Make sure to sleep enough because no one cares if you’re tired.”

Get lots of rest! You don’t want to be falling over during the middle of band practice!

Can you think of things you learned as a freshman at band camp!?

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