“trickorTREAT” – A Companion Mini Story for Just Rigby – A Marching Band Story


I just released a special bonus companion mini story just for Halloween! Rigby the main character from Just Rigby (our full-length novel) tells a story about how her best friend made last year’s Halloween a bright spot in the middle of a painful year (lost her mom to cancer).

Read an excerpt:

“I had been locked in my room staring at Beethoven and Beatles posters on my wall for days. When you lose someone close it hurts really bad. I don’t like to think about it much because it still stings, Those days were pretty dark.

I don’t like to admit this to many people, but I even tried to cut myself a few times, just to see if it would take my mind off the pain inside. For a few minutes, there was an initial rush. Seeing my own blood was scary and thrilling at the same time. It didn’t really help in the long run…not really. My heart still felt like it was being squeezed by a vice and the momentary endorphin rush went away, leaving me just as empty as I was before, but with fresh marks on my thigh.

I actually told Chew about it, and he and I stayed up all night talking about it. He’s so great. Now anytime I feel like I’m spiraling out of control, I text or call him. Sometimes, he just calls me out of the blue to check on me. It’s been about seven months since the last time.”

Read the mini story at http://bit.ly/RigbyHalloween

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