WWII Veteran Can’t Attend Parade – Marching Band Gives Driveway Performance


On July 4, the NRHEG Panther Bands were getting ready to march in the Independence Day parade in St. Peter, MN. What they didn’t realize was that they’d have an opportunity to give a private performance for a 91-year-old WWII Veteran.

From NRHEG Bands:

“The marching band was assigned to this street as a lineup area before the parade. While we were warming up in sections, one of the band parents noticed this elderly gentleman standing in his doorway. She went over to thank him for allowing us to be here and that started a conversation of how much he liked listening to the band.

We found out that he was a 91-year-old, WWII veteran (one of the last 3 WWII veterans in St. Peter, MN). He was also house-bound and his wife takes care of him. They have been married for 64 years. Since he would not be able to watch the parade we decided to perform for him. We lined up the band on his lawn and waited for him to come outside. We performed for him our warm up routine and our parade show. Seeing the tears stream down his face made me realize what an impact this had on him and the band.

I told my students that years from now they won’t remember what place they got in competitions, and quite frankly, it won’t matter. What they will remember is the joy they spread by performing for this couple. This is what music can do!”


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